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Re: [O] Lexical binding bug in org-list.el?

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] Lexical binding bug in org-list.el?
Date: Sat, 07 Nov 2015 01:20:34 +0100


Aaron Ecay <address@hidden> writes:

> The org-list code is a mess, and I think we should hold off on converting
> it to lexical scoping until it can be refactored in a more dedicated
> way.

It seems a bit strong considering there's only one issue so far. I don't
think the code is a mess, but "Send and receive lists" part clearly
needs an overhaul.

> Nonetheless I include the patch, in case it’s helpful to anyone.

Lifting `org-list--get-text', `org-list--parse-item', etc. isn't
necessary. I just forgot a `letrec' in `org-list-parse-list'.

The problem comes from `org-list-to-substree'. `org-list-to-generic'
mechanism is not adequate for this function, which relied so far on
a kludge to get the job done (i.e., undocumented `eval'ing of :istart
and :icount values). Actually, `org-list-to-generic' in its current form
isn't adequate for anything. Even `org-list-to-*' functions do not use

As a temporary fix, besides using `letrec' per above, we can
re-implement `org-list-to-subtree' without using `org-list-to-generic'.

Later, `org-list-to-*' could be re-implemented like `orgtbl-to-generic'.
Also, some parameters should be able to be set to a function generating
a string, which would be called with the current depth of the item. In
the process I think `org-list-parse-list' should be simplified, too, as
its current return value is useless (e.g., nothing uses [CBON] anymore
in the code base).



Nicolas Goaziou

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