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[O] Rendering quoted HTML outside the last headline's HTML.

From: Emanuele Santoro
Subject: [O] Rendering quoted HTML outside the last headline's HTML.
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2015 19:32:29 +0100

Hi there!

I render the org-mode project of my website using HTML export

I created a three-columns layout by using the Bootstrap
(http://getbootstrap.com/) and by wrapping the first three columns
within a div element of class "row". 

I do this by prepending and appending some static html via the #+HTML
directive, as in:

    #+HTML: <div class="row">


    #+HTML: </div>

Also, I set the HTML_CONTAINER variable to use proper css classes:

    #+HTML_CONTAINER: div class="col-md-4"

Now the problems arise:

1) I have noticed that when closing the headline tag, org will generate
a syntactically wrong </div class="col-md-4"> tag. Most browser will
ignore such mistakes but it's still annoying.

2) Everything works okay if there are three or less columns. When
adding another column, I close the "row" container and open another
one, by adding

    #+HTML: </div>
    #+HTML: <div class="row">

But this code is rendered within the HTML code of the previous
In general, it is not clear "where" a piece of HTML will be rendered.
Is there a way to specify that? Is there a way to say, like: "this piece
of HTML is not part of the current headline and should be rendered after
the last headline has been rendered" ?

Thanks in advance,
Emanuele Santoro

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