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Re: [O] Testers / Feedback wanted: Gantt charts via org-gantt.el

From: Karl Voit
Subject: Re: [O] Testers / Feedback wanted: Gantt charts via org-gantt.el
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015 16:02:51 +0100
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* Bernhard Schmitz <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Karl, hi Eric,
> I know it has been a while.

I was off-mailinglist for a couple of months. Sorry.

> Karl:
>> Oh, I was too lazy to write a working example.
>> ,----[ working example ]
>> | ** DONE My pretty task
>> | CLOSED: [2015-04-30 Thu 07:50] SCHEDULED: <2015-04-30 Thu>
>> | :CREATED:  [2015-04-17 Fri 15:36]
>> | :ID:       2015-04-17-Dach-zu
>> | :TRIGGER:  foo1(NEXT) bar1(WAITING)
>> | :BLOCKER:  previousXY prevZ
>> | :END:
>> `----
>> So when this task got marked as DONE, the headings with the ID
>> propertes "previousXY" and "prevZ" must not have been in an open
>> state. Further more, the headings with ID "foo1" got the new states
>> NEXT and "bar1" WAITING accordingly.
> Your example clarified the effects of org-depend on the actual org
> file, but I'm not sure how this should translate to the gantt
> chart.  The :BLOCKER: property says that when this gets marked as
> done, the blockers must not be open. 

I'm using :BLOCKER: such:

** Throw away old stuff
:ID: throw-away

** Paint room
:BLOCKER: throw-away

This way, I don't see "Paint room" on my agenda as long as I did not
finish throwing away the old stuff.

So IMHO the BLOCKER line marks the earliest time of beginning of
"Paint room".

> So actually, the :BLOCKER:
> property has no effect on either the start time, nor on the end
> time of a headline. It only clarifies the earliest possible end
> time - which cannot be expressed in a gantt chart.  

I don't know GANTT charts that well. I thought that with GANTT, the
"Paint room" just gets "connected" to the "end" of the "Throw
away"-bar. Additionally, if the "Throw away" bar is moved, the
"Paint room" is moved accordingly.

> Similarly, the :TRIGGER: property does not define a start or an
> end time of the triggered property either. The only case in which
> it does is if it triggers a (DONE), which would mean that an
> unrelated task suddenly becomes done simply by another task being
> done, and I don't think that happens all too often.

True. I added it for being complete about the features of org-depent
which I am using.

> I now know that I can implement whatever you suggest with
> relatively little effort, but first I need to know what actually
> should happen.

I hope that cleared things a bit. 

Sorry again for being away for so long.

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