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Re: [O] generating org headings from a source block

From: Nick Dokos
Subject: Re: [O] generating org headings from a source block
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 2015 16:57:14 -0500
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Matt Price <address@hidden> writes:

> I would like to be able to insert into an org-buffer the text extracted from 
> a pdf file. PDF-Tools (
> https://github.com/politza/pdf-tools/) provides some excellent tools for 
> doing this.  I've written
> (well, msotly stolen) a defun that finds all my highlights and returns them 
> in the form of an org
> heading:
> (defun pdf-annot-export-as-org-heading (pdfpath)
>   ...)
> -------------
> I'm sure it is very clumsy, but it sort of works.  I would like to be able to 
> call this function from a
> source block:
> #+BEGIN_SRC elisp
> (pdf-annot-export-as-org-heading 
> "/home/matt/HackingHistory/readings/latour-pandoras-hope.pdf")
> (pdf-annot-export-as-org-heading 
> "/home/matt/HackingHistory/readings/historical-authority-hampton.pdf")
> The results are close to, but not precisely, what I want:
> #+begin_example
> ** historical-authority-hampton
> ([[file:///home/matt/HackingHistory/readings/historical-authority-hampton.pdf]
> [historical-authority-hampton]], 1)
> In the Tudor palace at Hampton Court, there is a....
> ...
> #+end_example
> (a) I only get the last command, because I guess :results value only reports 
> the final returned value.
> But :results output gets me nothing.  What should I be doing?

Have two source blocks? Or use :results output and output the string with 
(princ string)?

> (b) the whole output is wrapped in an example block, which I don't want.  Can 
> I do something to fix
> this?

Maybe :results value raw  or :results value verbatim - untested. I can
never remember the right combo off the top of my head.

> also, (c): I'd rather set the level of the org heading based on context. Can 
> I do that when I call from
> a source block? Should I maybe be doing this some other way (e.g., jsut write 
> an interactive function
> and call it with M-x? But I like being able to assemble all the readings at 
> one go, if possible. 

Pass the level as a parameter?


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