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Re: [O] Allowing loose ordering in Org files

From: John Wiegley
Subject: Re: [O] Allowing loose ordering in Org files
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2015 12:11:46 -0800
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>>>>> Achim Gratz <address@hidden> writes:

> If you don't use properties then it doesn't affect you at all. If you do,
> then… well, I personally simply don't care. Just like there's several style
> guides for writing C; as long as these are applied consistently I can live
> with most of them and put the braces and indents the way they prescribe.

In my regimen, every single entry has a PROPERTIES drawer, since I tag each
one with ID and CREATED, for future reference. Most items are SCHEDULED as
well. So when I open up a headline to look at the contents, I see:

    * Head

It's a trivial thing, but I'd rather not scan past two lines to start reading
my entry.

What a lot of people want is trivial, and only relevant to them, but part of
the Emacs philosophy is to give them the freedom to customize their
environment the way they want it to work, rather than decide for them what is
the "right way".

I won't argue for this anymore, if it really does incur work for you that only
benefits me and a few others. I suppose that I'm still writing these e-mails
because I want to inject some sensitivity about these matters into your future
decisions, so you don't take away such flexibility again lightly.

> So write the advise and move on? If you weren't so heavily invested in what
> you perceive as "the right style" you quite likely wouldn't care, or would
> you?

I'm invested in the spirit of the project, since I've been using it for a very
long time, and continue to recommend it to many people as an amazing tool for
self-organization. The more it becomes something I have to hack to like, the
less I feel like putting my heart into it.

I *care*, which is maybe both a blessing and a curse. It is the origin of my
creative contributions, but also the cause of these annoying threads. I'd
rather work with you guys than against you; but there are some sacred cows
that moan plaintively, when a sharp parenthesis is drawn across their throats.


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