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Re: [O] Org Mode and PDF Notes!

From: Karl Voit
Subject: Re: [O] Org Mode and PDF Notes!
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2015 12:30:35 +0100
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* Matt Price <address@hidden> wrote:
> --047d7b41411eff32e6052444d409
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> I've just written up a post on my workflow for PDF's Since my blog has, I
> think, a readership of 0 (surely there's a way to get emacsers to follow
> me? ah well), I will post a link here in the hopes that someone will be
> interested:
> http://matt.hackinghistory.ca/2015/11/11/note-taking-with-pdf-tools/

Thanks for your blog post and the URL!

I did something very similar a couple of years ago while writing my
PhD thesis:

And I also have a blog which I use for Emacs/Org-mode stuff from
time to time: http://karl-voit.at/

This reminds me of implementing a tag-based RSS/Atom-feed for
Emacs-related stuff to my blogging system ...

mail|git|SVN|photos|postings|SMS|phonecalls|RSS|CSV|XML to Org-mode:
       > get Memacs from https://github.com/novoid/Memacs <

https://github.com/novoid/extract_pdf_annotations_to_orgmode + more on github

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