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Re: [O] pandoc export does not honour org-export-with-sub-superscripts?

From: Rasmus
Subject: Re: [O] pandoc export does not honour org-export-with-sub-superscripts?
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2015 18:53:20 +0100
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Hi Bingo,

Bingo UV <address@hidden> writes:

>    With emacs 24.5.1, melpa ox-pandoc from 20150706.1809 and
>    org-plus-contrib-20151109, I have set
>    org-export-with-sub-superscripts to {}. It has the correct behaviour
>    in html export, or latex export. But with pandoc, A_B and A_{B} both
>    get exported with B as subscript.
> Are there special settings in ox-pandoc for this?

We don't distribute ox-pandoc.  It sounds like a bug in that library since
ox-latex and ox-html works.  Perhaps you can raise the issue upstream?  I
guess it’s this:


You should check that this is the library you are in fact using.  Try to

    M-x find-library RET ox-pandoc RET 

and check whether the header contains an upstream URL.

Hope it helps,

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