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Re: [O] MobileOrg

From: Peter Davis
Subject: Re: [O] MobileOrg
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2015 18:24:32 -0500
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John Hendy <address@hidden> writes:

> On Sat, Nov 21, 2015 at 9:42 AM, Peter Davis <address@hidden> wrote:
>> On Fri, Nov 20, 2015, at 03:58 PM, dean wrote:
>>> On 11/21/15 00:14, Peter Davis wrote:
>>> Hi pd,
>>> > I'm just starting out with MobileOrg, using Dropbox, but I'm confused by 
>>> > the setup instructions. I've gotten the app linked to my
>>> > Dropbox account, but the next step in the setup instructions 
>>> > <http://mobileorg.ncogni.to/doc/getting-started/using-dropbox/> involve
>>> > setting up some emacs stuff on my "local system." My question is: *Which* 
>>> > local system? I have several sync'ed to Dropbox. Is the
>>> > mobile app going to require a single point of contact?
> Well, to my knowledge, mobile-org isn't meant to function as a way to
> sync a bunch of emacs/org setups, ...

Yes, that is the function of Dropbox. In my setup, I have org files in
several directories within the ~/Dropbox/... tree. What I failed to
understand earlier is that MobileOrg syncs with one and only one
directory, so when I'm on a desk/laptop machine, I have to either edit
directly in ~/Dropbox/Apps/MobileOrg/, or use org-mobile-push to copy
all my files, in their current state, to that directory. That was the
piece I missed.

> ... so yes. You'd have one primary
> system with your files to sync, you'd push to Dropbox from that
> system, and the changes would get picked up from the phone.

All of my .org files are already in the ~/Dropbox tree, but in various

> Changes/additions from the phone are not automatic, to my knowledge.
> These get put in the file pointed to by =org-mobile-inbox-for-pull=,
> which you can then re-file or whatever into your main org files. You
> could certainly sync various files with Dropbox on several systems,
> re-create the same local mobileorg setup on said systems, edit them
> from the Dropbox folder and invoke org-mobile-push from that system.
> This will use Dropbox to sync the local file since it's under Dropbox
> control, and also update it for your phone.
>>> >
>>> Im fairly new to emacs and mobileorg, so im no expert here but...
>>> I believe Mobile org will be using your dropbox folder as its single
>>> point of contact.
>>> For example your workflow would be:
>>> - Create/edit notes/todo's on your phone
>>> - sync the app (which should save to dropbox)
>>> - Open emacs on your pc, issue org-mobile-pull
>>> - This should add your edits to your org files on your pc
>>> For the other direction:
>>> - Edit org files on your pc, issue org-mobile-push
>>> - sync on the app should import your edits into the app
>>> Im assuming you have a dropbox daemon taking care of the syncing in this
>>> process.
>>> This should be the same no matter how many pc's/emacs you use.
>>> Does this help answer your question?
>> Thanks, Dean.  Actually, I can't even sync mobileorg. When I try
>> (Pressing the sync button in the upper right corner), I get:
> Well, like my comments on your subtree export thread, no one can
> diagnose what they can't reproduce. You've literally supplied no
> information about what you've done.

The errors I encountered were all in MobileOrg, so there was no
information to supply other than the message that MobileOrg displayed,
which I did include.

> Did you set any of the variables
> described in the manual? What are they set to? 

As I understood it, the exchange between MobileOrg and Dropbox is
independent of any one particular machine and it's emacs setup, so the
variables seemed irrelevant.

> Did you run =M-x
> org-moble-push=?

No, I overlooked that step.

>Do you have the Dropbox daemon on so that the changes
> were pushed to the cloud?


> You're doing yourself a serious disservice
> by not posting full details and reproducible examples. 1) you're going
> to get *vastly* less responses because people don't even know what to
> make of the post and won't try, and 2) people will get frustrated
> making a suggestion to one email (say, about directing you on how to
> use mobileorg) and meeting a response that's completely different (I
> can't get it to sync due to checksums.dat missing).

How is this response different? This *is* the problem I encountered in
trying to use MobileOrg.

> Basically, these
> detail lacking posts waste the time of others.

I do try to supply as much detail as I can, and I appreciate your and
others' efforts to help me unravel these problems. Thank you.

> I've been wanting to try mobileorg for some time so I took the time to
> go through the instructions from scratch. See attached pdf and .org
> file. I can't verify that mobileorg picks it up on my phone because
> Dropbox is down, but the created file structure in ~/Dropbox/MobileOrg
> looks sane. I'll try dropbox later to see if that part succeeds.
> John
>> *Error downloading checksums*
>> An error was encountered while downloading checksums.dat from the
>> server. The file isn't required, but the error received was unusual. The
>> error was:
>> Unexpected error
>> I don't know what that's about, but I can't get past it.


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