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Re: [O] Featur request org-table-iterate-table-subtree

From: Charles Millar
Subject: Re: [O] Featur request org-table-iterate-table-subtree
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 16:27:25 -0500
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Any thoughts? Any body?

If there are two headlines each with the same set of table templates but different data in each, org-table-iterate-buffer-tables will converge; however the convergence may yield incorrect results.

I suppose there are two options at the moment,

rename all tables in heading 1 to heading1summary, heading1A, heading1B, etc. and heading2summary, heading2A, heading2B, etc. and change all remote references to reflect this, or

set up separate org files for each set of tables although the tables pertain to the same over all subject.

Neither is really acceptable, but the second is the least trouble.

A third choice is worse, narrow to the heading and use org-table-iterate on each table. At least the buffer should not be widened in that case.

I have missed some documentation? I thought this would be a useful feature much the same way that export-subtree.

Charlie Millar

On 10/24/2015 09:18 PM, Charles Millar wrote:
Please see the attached example. If I call org-table-iterate-buffer-tables, Summary1 and Summary2 both are calculated using the referenced tables in heading "first set of tables" and the tables in the second heading are disregarded.

Without going into the details there are times when I use certain form tables in separate headlines in the same file. The entries are different in each and I believe that a function perhaps "org-table-iterate-subtree-tables" would be a useful addition to org-table.el.

Please note that narrowing the buffer to the second headline does not help since the code in org-table-iterate-buffer-tables widens the buffer.

Charlie Millar

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