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Re: [O] asynchronous python code blocks in org-mode

From: John Kitchin
Subject: Re: [O] asynchronous python code blocks in org-mode
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2015 16:06:51 -0500
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Karl Voit writes:

> * John Kitchin <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
> Hi John!
>> I worked out some ideas on running Python blocks asynchronously in
>> org-mode, while seeing the output of the code, /and/ still capturing the
>> output in org-mode!
> Found the link to your video + blog on Twitter. On the weekend, I
> watched it with big eyes and tried your code on my side as well:
> great work!
>> It seems to work pretty well as a proof of concept, but the present
>> approach has some limitations, e.g. no sessions, no src-block :var, and
>> maybe others. These might be fixable at some point.
>> Anyway, I thought I would share it, to see if anyone has thoughts on
>> it, and in case it looks useful to you.
> I'm loving it.
> I'd love to see this async method for shell script as well. Many
> shell snippets I am using do take some time: backup, audio
> conversion, bulk image conversion, ...

It turns out to be pretty trivial to modify this for sh. Change  change
org-babel-variable-assignments:python to
org-babel-variable-assignments:sh and python
to bash, and rename the function to org-babel-async-execute:sh, and you
should have it.

If you don't mind redefining an org command, this will let you put
:async in the header to trigger the asynchronous mode, otherwise, run
the usual way:

(defun org-babel-execute:sh (body params)
  "Execute a block of Shell commands with Babel.
This function is called by `org-babel-execute-src-block'."
  (let* ((session (org-babel-sh-initiate-session
                   (cdr (assoc :session params))))
         (async (assoc :async params))
         (stdin (let ((stdin (cdr (assoc :stdin params))))
                  (when stdin (org-babel-sh-var-to-string
                               (org-babel-ref-resolve stdin)))))
         (full-body (org-babel-expand-body:generic
                     body params (org-babel-variable-assignments:sh params))))
    (if async
        ;; run asynchronously
      ;; else run regularly
       (org-babel-sh-evaluate session full-body params stdin)
        (cdr (assoc :colname-names params)) (cdr (assoc :colnames params)))
        (cdr (assoc :rowname-names params)) (cdr (assoc :rownames

I have not thought about sessions and asynchronous execution. It would
mean a queue and a different way to pass code to the process, which I
have not thought through yet. What to do when there are dependencies for

> 1) How big is the chance that we're going to see async babel block
> execution by default in a future org-mode release?
> 2) In the meantime: Wouldn't it be nice to have additional
> source-block definitions like python + apython (for asynchronous
> python) or sh + ash?

Professor John Kitchin
Doherty Hall A207F
Department of Chemical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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