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[O] org keybinding "<l TAB", inconsistency with export

From: Martin Steffen
Subject: [O] org keybinding "<l TAB", inconsistency with export
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2016 08:47:30 +0000 (UTC)
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there seems to be a slight inconsistency wrt. exporting and keybinding.

I am doing LaTeX via org, more precisely latex/beamer. For latex-only
material, I use


[Side remark: that mark-up seems to be very recent, not very long ago, it
 had been 


Anyhow, for faster typing, I used the abbreviations provided, in that case
of LaTeX, the following tab-completion

  "<l TAB" 

What it does is, it inserts



Note that "latex" is not capitalized.  It seems that capitalization /does/
matter (unlike earlier variations of that mechanism, if I  remember
correctly). Anyhow, that's the 


I stumbled upon: the tab-completion completes to a patter which is not
honored by the export.

I stumbled upon that for latex, but it might be that the same applies for
html/HTML or othrers.

I use Org-version 8.3.2 and gnu emacs 24.3.1.


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