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Re: [O] Can weekly agenda show children nodes?

From: Richard Lawrence
Subject: Re: [O] Can weekly agenda show children nodes?
Date: Mon, 04 Jan 2016 07:41:38 -0800
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Hi Tomasz,

Tomasz Piotrowski <address@hidden> writes:

> I usually plan my activities for a single day without specifying time of
> day it should be accomplished, e.g.,
> * <2016-01-04 Mon>
> ** Item 1
> ** Item 2
> In agenda, children nodes of
> * <2016-01-04 Mon>
> are not shown, i.e., only * <2016-01-04 Mon> is displayed and is empty.
> Can I tweak agenda to show
> ** Item 1
> ** Item 2

I am not sure whether it is possible to do exactly what you asked; maybe
someone else will know.  But I wanted to suggest an alternative: rather
than using the headline hierarchy to represent your schedule, use
timestamps within the individual activities, like:

** Item 1
** Item 2

This will cause them to appear in the agenda on that date, as you
wanted.  It also has the advantage that rescheduling the individual
activities for a different day is as easy as changing the timestamp --
you don't have to move the headline around in your file, and can just
let the agenda take care of assembling your schedule for the day.

You may also find the SCHEDULED and DEADLINE keywords helpful; see the
"Deadlines and scheduling" section of the manual.

Hope that helps!


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