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[O] `org-make-tags-matcher' broken by lexical-binding

From: Samuel Loury
Subject: [O] `org-make-tags-matcher' broken by lexical-binding
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 2016 08:58:16 +0100
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I tried to move to the master branch and found out that the work about
lexical-binding everywhere is going well. Nice work Nicolas :-).

I found out that `org-make-tags-matcher' relies heavily on the dynamic

First of all, it assumes that the `todo-only' variable is scoped
in. This is simple to fix by making todo-only a parameter of the
function and fixing the calls.

Then, it returns a form that relies on the fact that the variables todo
and tags-list are scoped in. AFAICU, this sounds a bit trickier to fix
because the usage of the returned "matcher" can be correctly used
depending on the case.

For instance, `org-clock-get-table-data' gives to `org-clock-sum' a
lamdba function that evaluates the obtained matcher.

The attempt to funcall-ing the lambda in `org-clock-sum' complains that
tags-list does not exist.

I probably won't have the time to create a patch for that, so I just
warn about the problem.

Hope that helps.
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