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Re: [O] any intelligent workflow how to use mobileorg agendas?

From: Bingo UV
Subject: Re: [O] any intelligent workflow how to use mobileorg agendas?
Date: Sat, 9 Jan 2016 12:11:51 +0530

On Tue, 05 Jan 2016 16:30:01 +0100
David Belohrad <address@hidden> wrote:

> Dear All,
> i'm in org-mode for already some years. However I am still struggling
> with how to setup the workflow such, that it actually works with the
> mobileorg agenda. What I need is to display
> a) daily agenda
> b) datetree with say next 90 days
> c) show specific tags
> Now, with scenario (c) there is no issue at all as mobileorg can be
> setup such, that it shows within specified files tags of your
> interest. I have a problem with scenarios (a) and (b). First, I did
> not find any method, how to filter mobileorg agendas based on
> something like 'today', so displaying daily agenda I would have to
> 'somehow' force org-mobile-push to add to 'today's' items a specific
> tag. Is there any better way how to set it up?
> This comes to the problems of scenario (b) as well. The best for me
> would be, if I could just display 90 days datetree exactly as I
> produce it into the diary (using capture into datetree). This works,
> but it does not serve to the purpose, as the datetree is not
> corresponding to the actual timestamp. E.g.
> on 17th Dec 2015 I have made an appointment for 1st january 2016 as
> such:
> * 2015
> ** 2015-12 December
> *** 2015-12-17 Thursday
> **** dinner with Mia
> <2016-01-01 Thu 22:00-23:00>
> I do not want to display on my mobileorg this particular datetree as
> it is provides misleading information. When I would enter into
> 2016/01/01 entry, I would not see that I shall meet with Mia, I would
> see it when entering into december's record.
> So now the question is, how to setup the diary workflow such, that a
> datetree with correct timestamps would be actually generated? Hence
> what I would like to see in my mobileorg agenda is:
> * 2016
> ** 2016-01 January
> *** 2016-01-01 Thu
> **** 22:00-23:00 dinner with Mia
> so somebody asks me what i do on 1st january, I would dig into the
> datetree and I would see immediatelly this event? 
> All that is quite confusing. At the same time, the capture workflow
> works pretty well, and especially with combination of capture widget
> one can capture the data really quickly and transport to emacs.
> Or is there any other workflow, which would assure to act mobileorg
> as a true (readonly) agenda?
> .d.

Which mobileorg are you talking about? Android, iOS, or some other?

I am not sure about the other types, but Android mobileorg has a good
support for calendar integration. Just choose the calendar you want
synchronized with org-mode files - it could even be Google calendar if
that is your thing. I have setup an offline non-cloud calendar for this

Now if somebody asks you what you do on 1st january, you open your
calendar on your mobile phone. On most mobile interfaces, digging into
tree structures is much less convenient than the tabular information
that is calendar. 

It has the advantage that you keep using your datetree structures when
you have the power of a full keyboard, emacs and large screen.

You also get other features of calendars like reminder
alarms, sharing calendar with others so that they don't have to ask you
what you do on 1st january in the first place etc.

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