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[O] individual alerts

From: cschr
Subject: [O] individual alerts
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2016 14:49:50 +0100



Im a software developer and new to emacs. I want to maintain my calendar appointments in orgmode, and define individual alerts for each appointment (which also includes to have no alert for some appointments). Using the emacs diary is not enough for me – I want orgmode!  


I found out already how to export SCHEDULED and DEADLINE timestamps from orgmode to iCalendar VEVENTs, but the VALARM TRIGGERs produced always have the same value (VALARM TRIGGER is always “P0DT0H0M0S”). How can I define an individual alert for each appointment in ORGMODE, and have the alert values exported as icalendar VALARM TRIGGERs?  


The :APPT_WARNTIME: property in orgmode seems to do nothing, nor does it seem to help if I add a “WARNTIME …” text to the orgmode item – this seems to work for emacs diary entries only.  


I would furthermore like my individual orgmode alerts to be interpreted by the emacs appointment system in order for emacs to notify me – again this seems to always produce a constant notification


Again: maintaining my appointments within the emacs diary is not an option for me – I need the orgmode features


Thanks very much

Kind regards

Christoph Schröder

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