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[O] Collectable results in minutes instead of HH:MM

From: Axel Kielhorn
Subject: [O] Collectable results in minutes instead of HH:MM
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2016 17:54:11 +0100


I use org mode to clock the time I spend on different tasks.

Starting this year my company switched to account working time by the minute 
instead of using a quarter of an hour.
Getting the exact time is no problem but right now I have to translate the 
HH:MM time into minutes since that is what the accounting software needs.

When I use 
I can use a TBLFM and the result is almost right, but has rounding errors.
(Increasing the rational part to 3 digits will probably help with the rounding 

Without it I get the HH:MM
and simply multiplying the result by 60 does not work.

I prefer the HH:MM format and am looking for a way to convert that.

Can anyone help?


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