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[O] backend for todo.txt format (todotxt.com)

From: Stefan Huchler
Subject: [O] backend for todo.txt format (todotxt.com)
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2016 20:59:21 +0100
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I just tried to write am backend for this todolist format:

and after a few hours
with no real success I gave up.

I want to first have a very simple convertion of some tasks like that:

TODO foo
DONE bar


x bar

bonus would be to ignore headline levels for now


* Tasks
** TODO foo
** DONE bar

would be ok too.

There is a nice opensource android App that uses this format:


so it would be nice to be able to easy have a list of your tasks with
you in a touchfriendly environment. I know there is mobileorg but the ui
is horrible and the projekt is more or less abandoned.

Maybe export/import backend is the wrong way to go, a sync or exchange
feature would be better so maybe org-agenda todo export/import ability
would be better? but for now a export alone would be an advancement.
dont know if import or export can update/replace lines?

maybe with some kind of taskid property?

maybe thats stupid and I should just fork such am tool to make it
understand org-mode format, but a automatic way to send stuff one way to
android would be a good starting step, to test if I use that feature

exporting to todo.txt format seemed just to be the easiest way, heck I
even could write a macro to do that if nothing else is reasonable easy
to do.

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