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[O] convert outline to .csv

From: Andrew
Subject: [O] convert outline to .csv
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2016 06:44:03 +0000 (UTC)
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* Micro topic 1
** Microbes are small
** You can't see them!
*** Isn't that something?
* Micro topic 2
** I hope I like the teacher
*** She will be great!
** Micro is cool!

I'd like to convert them into a .csv file like so:

"* Micro topic 1"," "** Microbes are small", "** You can't see them!", "*** 
Isn't that something?",
"* Micro topic 2", "** I hope I like the teacher", "*** She will be great!", 
"** Micro is cool!"

Where the first column contains only top level headings (lines beginning with 
one star), and the following columns are subheadings belonging to the top 
level heading.  So for each top level heading, there is one row containing 
the top level heading and its children.  I've been messing around with a 
solution in python with regular expressions as well as macros but haven't 
gotten very far.  Any suggestions?

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