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[O] table editor is off screen (was: Breaking up long #+TBLFM line?)

From: Karl Voit
Subject: [O] table editor is off screen (was: Breaking up long #+TBLFM line?)
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2016 15:55:25 +0100
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* Samuel Wales <address@hidden> wrote:
> i find the table editor is broken in maint. the point in the other
> window is off screen most of the time.  at least with large fonts.

In my setup, this is always the case, yes. Very annoying.

To be more specific:

When I press "C-c '" on a table, the table editor gets opened as a
second buffer below the table. When the cursor is on a field
reference like "@3$2", the corresponding field(s) are marked in the
upper buffer. Unfortunately, in many cases, the upper buffer (with
the table) is scrolled so that the highlighted text is above the
first visible line.

This is very annoying to me because I do have a tilted monitor so
that it's in portrait format (not the usual landscape): I've got
plenty of screen space for large tables *and* formula editor and all
I get is the formula editor with an out-of-sight table.

You can imagine that this is something I have to avoid to show in
any Org-mode demo.

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