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Re: [O] commit 7b9f2fba66

From: Achim Gratz
Subject: Re: [O] commit 7b9f2fba66
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2016 18:11:59 +0100
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Rafael Laboissiere writes:
> I am the author of the commits and I sincerely apologize for breaking
> the usual rules of development of Org-mode.


> I contributed in the past to both Worg and Org-mode itself.  I do not
> remember who gave me push access to the Git repositories, it was some
> years ago.  I have forgotten that all my contributions and patches to
> Org-mode where integrated by others into Git.  This time, when I fixed
> the bugs in my commits 860bcfb and 7b9f2fb, I thought that I have
> pushed changes in the past myself.  Sorry for the confusion.

It's quite likely you were supposed to have access to Worg.  That
shouldn't give you commit access to the Org repository however.  So I'd
still would like to know how you've gotten the latter part, since this
seems to indicate some oversight somewhere.  Somebody with access to the
server config should at least check that all people with permission to
commit have assigned copyright to the FSF, IMHO.

> As a matter of fact, none of those two commits introduced changes in
> functionality.

Thanks.  If you commit something to maint, you're supposed to merge that
bugfix back into master yourself.

> Nicolas Goaziou contacted me privately and suggested to get the
> copyright assignment from FSF.  I am about to sent the form to them
> and will keep you informed when it is finished.  In the meanwhile, I
> will send my patches to the ML, if there will be any.

Getting the copyright assigned would be good since if you've had some
previous changes (not the two commits you did yourself), then quite
likely you've already exhausted your TINYCHANGE budget.

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