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[O] [PATCH] ox-koma-letter.el: Add support for 'location' koma variable

From: Myles English
Subject: [O] [PATCH] ox-koma-letter.el: Add support for 'location' koma variable
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2016 18:32:23 +0000
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Often when writing a letter I want to include "Your Ref: xyz" or
"Account No.: 1234" and a good place to do this is below the sender's
address field and above the date (and 'place') field(s).  This space
becomes filled with the contents of the koma variable called 'location'.
This patch enables filling this variable via org-mode's contrib
ox-koma-letter exporter.

Please apply the attached patch.


Attachment: 0001-ox-koma-letter-Add-support-for-LOCATION-koma-variabl.patch
Description: patch

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