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Re: [O] Org-mode via ELPA and via git in parallel

From: Achim Gratz
Subject: Re: [O] Org-mode via ELPA and via git in parallel
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2016 18:53:44 +0100
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Karl Voit writes:
> As I noticed yesterday, in my ELPA-directory there is
> "org-20160125/" which I never installed on purpose.

It's probably been pulled in by some dependency.  Package manager is not
very smart with this.  You need to drop a dummy org package with a high
enough version so that Org never gets upgraded via package manager.

> 1. Do I have to care about the ELPA Org-mode folder (ignoring the
> occupied disk space) or might this ELPA Org-mode interfere with my
> git Org-mode?

No, you shouldn't have it installed via ELPA.  It may work one day and
stop working another depending on which patch your initializations
actually take.

> 2. How am I able to find out why the ELPA Org-mode folder exists in
> my setup?

Some other package pulls it in as a dependency.  Package manager
operates on the assumption that you install everything via ELPA.  If you
don't, then you have to take care of that yourself.

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