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Re: [O] org-player and switch to lexical binding in org.el

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] org-player and switch to lexical binding in org.el
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2016 00:30:39 +0100


Michael Brand <address@hidden> writes:

> Only slowly I begin to get it partially. My observation is that if the
> current `org-open-file' would be changed to
>     (eval cmd
>           ;; LEXICAL argument.
>           `((file . ,(convert-standard-filename file))
>             (link . ,dlink)))

Actually, that should be (eval cmd t). Providing an alist is not
necessary here.

> to provide also the `link' symbol then a
>     (add-to-list 'org-file-apps
>                  (cons (concat org-player-file-extensions-regexp
>                                "::\\([0-9]+:[0-9]+\\(:[0-9]+\\)?\\)")
>                        '(org-player-play-file file (match-string 1 link))))
> which is simple enough for me to understand in org-player.el works.
> This situation looks favorable to me at least for a first step because
> it would mean a version of org-player.el that remains compatible with
> "any" Org before lexical binding in org.el
> (release_8.3.3-426-g1f49e9f) but would also become compatible again
> starting with one of the next commits in Org master.
> Do I understand correct that this would not break any backward
> compatibility with all other existing and correct use of
> `org-file-apps'?

Although it does the job, it would leave an `eval' in the code base,
which is not very pretty, and more difficult to maintain (scope is less
obvious). That's why I prefer the functions. Of course, it may not be
worth the trouble if introduced backward incompatibility is really


Nicolas Goaziou

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