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[O] [babel] is there a chance to split arguments in src block calls or n

From: O.Hamann
Subject: [O] [babel] is there a chance to split arguments in src block calls or noweb syntax
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2016 09:30:07 +0100
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Hi all,

Splitting header arguments for source blocks into different lines works very fine,
(and leads one to put more and more args in the header... )

Is there a chance or trick to do similarly when calling such src blocks?
Somehow like in shell scripts a backslash at the end of a line will signal continuation?
(example see below)

Any suggestions or workarounds or best-practices to make the call lines better readable and editable are welcome!

Kind regards,


What I mean:

#+NAME: namedSrcBlock
#+HEADER: :var arg1="val for arg1"
#+HEADER: :var arg2="val for arg2"
#+HEADER: :var argN="val for argN"

results in long call lines for #CALL: or noweb syntax hard to edit

#+CALL: namedSrcBlock(arg1="long argument value",arg2="even longer argument value",...,argN="many args later ")

How to split those long lines, so that each arg-value pair stands on its own line?

The 'orgish' way would be sth like this, I guess:

#+CALL namedSrcBlock
#+ARGS: :arg arg1="..:"
#+ARGS: :arg arg2="..."

in noweb ref might be
<<namedSrcBlock(arg1="long argument value",\\SPACE
                   arg2="even longer argument value",\\SPACE
                   ... \\SPACE
                   argN="many args later")>>

But I did not find such anywhere.

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