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Re: [O] Working on iPad Pro

From: Ido Magal
Subject: Re: [O] Working on iPad Pro
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2016 11:51:59 -0800

The issue with the smart keyboard is that it does not have an ESC key. 

>> On Jan 31, 2016, at 09:54, John Hendy <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 11:52 AM, John Hendy <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 11:27 AM, Peter Davis <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> I've been using org-mode for a few years, mainly for writing blog posts and 
>>> documents, and, to a lesser extent, for keeping track of TODO items, etc. I 
>>> barely scratch the surface of what org-mode can do, and I keep learning new 
>>> bits incrementally, largely by reading this list.
>>> I'm now almost ready to shelve my laptop and start using an iPad Pro with 
>>> the Apple "smart" keyboard. However, I haven't found a good way to do my 
>>> org-mode authoring.  I know there's org-mobile, but I don't want to have to 
>>> think about sync'ing, or try to remember where the latest versions of my 
>>> docs are as I move from one computer to another.
>> I'm in a similar boat with respect to mobile-org... I've set it up a
>> few times but just never got into it other than for being able to view
>> entries from afar. I also don't care for the capture/re-file mechanism
>> of syncing back to the mothership when I add from the phone. I've
>> tried emacs on Android, but typing is awful. I think having a legit
>> keyboard would make this awesome!
>>> I've thought about using the iPad to ssh to a desktop computer, and just 
>>> running emacs on that. That might be the best solution, but the Apple 
>>> "smart" keyboard doesn't seem to have any meta key. Has anyone figured out 
>>> how to get the option key to work that way in vSSH? Or is there a better 
>>> ssh app?
>> I'm not on ios, so maybe shouldn't comment (and I think the emacs apps
>> on android are pretty feature-ful, so haven't experienced what's
>> lacking on ios), but there appears to be this relatively simple way to
>> get full blown emacs on ios:
>> - http://gamma-level.com/iphoneos/ports/emacs
>> Or does that require jailbreaking (says you need development tools
>> available on the device)?
>> This reddit post suggests the ssh method, and somewhere else I read
>> the claim that Prompt is the best ssh app:
>> - 
>> https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/2dwapw/emacsish_text_editor_for_ipad/
> Adding: this is where I saw Prompt mentioned, and it happened to
> appear on a thread related to the option key issue you mentioned:
> - 
> http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/48043/how-to-ssh-from-ipad-with-external-keyboard-and-emacs
> So if you could learn to use Esc, sounds like ssh might be a legit option?
> John
>>> Is there some other option I'm overlooking? I know there are some "almost 
>>> emacs" apps, but ... they're "almost."
>> Other than the option key, if ssh would work and the limitation is an
>> always-on box, could you work with a Raspberry Pi? I have one under my
>> desk that I've been fiddling with for a few months. Your post reminded
>> me that this would be an option for me on Android as well. Just
>> throwing it out there... ~$35 and you'd have something easily able to
>> handle anything Org-mode. I set mine to use a static ip address so I
>> can always find it.  Sorry I can't be more helpful, but those are the
>> options that come to mind... (basically, trying emacs itself or ssh
>> like you're already thinking about).
>> a
>>> BTW, I also use emacs for gnus, and for web and software development, but 
>>> org-mode is what I really need on the iPad.
>> Good luck!
>> John
>>> Thanks!
>>> -pd
>>> --
>>> ----
>>> Peter Davis
>>> http://www.techcurmudgeon.com

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