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[O] org mode unavailable in GNU's (and org's) archives

From: Ujjwal Pandey
Subject: [O] org mode unavailable in GNU's (and org's) archives
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2016 13:55:48 -0600


I can't find the org package in the package lists. I have both the gnu and org archives added to my list of package archives.

Earlier today I could still see org in the list of packages under both gnu and org archive. However, I had noticed that the package was marked obsolete under gnu at least. Now the package is simply unlisted. I imagined the package was being upgraded to a new build, but it's been a few hours and I still don't see the package. I also don't see theĀ org-plus-contrib package though I am not sure if this is where I report problems with org's archives.

I am using the latest emacs installed from homebrew on OSX.

Thanks for your time.



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