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[O] Vertical space

From: Johann Spies
Subject: [O] Vertical space
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2016 16:19:58 +0200

I am normally working in LaTeX but want to try out org-mode for a book.  During the process I have to export Word Processing documents (LibreOffice/MS Word) for other less privileged people who do not know Linux/Emacs/LaTeX :)

My first problem is how to do this (\vspace{}) in orgmode (Know I how to get the 'enumerate' environment working in orgmode):

\item Die eerste paragraaf van die formulier word die woorde
  ``verbondskinders'' gebruik en gepraat van ``God se beloftes in die
  \item Wat beteken die term ``verbond''?
  \item Wat het God jou belowe toe jy gedoop is?

It will be nice if I can embed such LaTeX snippets directly.

Because experiencing your loyal love is better than life itself,
my lips will praise you.  (Psalm 63:3)

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