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[O] org-export-babel-evaluate and header arguments

From: Anthony Cowley
Subject: [O] org-export-babel-evaluate and header arguments
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2016 19:44:39 -0500
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If I have org-export-babel-evaluate set to nil, source blocks are not evaluated 
on export. However, if a source block has a :var header argument that calls 
another source block, I am prompted if the callee should be evaluated.

Given that the caller is not to be evaluated, I'm not sure I see a reason for 
the :var to be evaluated. Is there a way I can disable this argument evaluation?

My goal is quick exports, but in this case it actually seems like a bug since 
all of my code blocks are :session. If I give permission to evaluate the :var 
argument, it will result in an error since the session hasn't been updated with 
the evaluations of other source blocks.


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