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[O] Multiple header-args of same name in babel

From: Tiago Natel de Moura
Subject: [O] Multiple header-args of same name in babel
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2016 15:58:28 -0300


What's the best way to split long header arguments in multiple lines?

What I want to achieve is the same as the babel :var argument, but for other header (:imports).

For example, with :var I can do:

#+HEADER: :var a=1
#+HEADER: :var b=2
#+HEADER: :var c=3
fmt.Printf("%d", a+b+c)

But it doesn't work for other headers and as I'd saw experimenting some code in ob-go, it's impossible without some changes in ob-core.el, because :var is handled differently there. When the function org-babel-execute:go is called, the params only have the first header assigned.

What I'm trying to solve is the following problem:

#+HEADER: :imports '("fmt" "math" "crypto" ... <very long list of imports here>)
// some code

I wanna keep my source code with lines with 80 columns as possible...



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