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Re: [O] long delay after selecting capture template

From: Allan Streib
Subject: Re: [O] long delay after selecting capture template
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 09:27:27 -0400
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Eric Abrahamsen <address@hidden> writes:

> Another thing you can try is edebugging `org-capture-fill-template' and
> stepping through it, and just see if anything weird happens. See the
> Elisp manual for how to edebug, if you haven't before.
> Does it only happen for the "t" template? What's the "t" template look
> like?

I've really just started with org mode and task capture; so far I've
only used the default "todo" (t) template.

Debugging the function, the "stall" happens on the indicated line below,
the call to org-get-x-clipboard with the value 'SECONDARY

         ;; Is the link empty?  Then we do not want it...
         (v-a (if (equal v-a "[[]]") "" v-a))
         (clipboards (remove nil (list v-i
                                       (org-get-x-clipboard 'PRIMARY)
                                       (org-get-x-clipboard 'CLIPBOARD)
                                 >>>   (org-get-x-clipboard 'SECONDARY)  <<<


I've heard of primary and clipboard X11 selections, but not secondary. I
found a web post[1] suggesting it's a "near-extinct" feature.

If I comment out that line the delay vanishes.



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