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Re: [O] external/central ``macro'' definitions (for instance link abbrev

From: Martin Steffen
Subject: Re: [O] external/central ``macro'' definitions (for instance link abbrev's)?
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2016 13:53:03 +0000 (UTC)
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Eric S Fraga <e.fraga <at> ucl.ac.uk> writes:

> On Saturday, 26 Mar 2016 at 11:43, Martin Steffen wrote:
> [...]
> > Now, the #+LINK mechanism works fine as such. But I want that it works 
> > for all used *.org files that constituted the overall document /without/
> > repeating the definition. Something like
> >
> > #+INCLUDE "definitions.org" 
> >
> > at the beginning of each file, so that if something changes, I need to
> > adapt only "definitions.org", not all files making use of that shared links.
> Have you tried that?  Org supports include files:
> #+include: "definitions.org"
> (note :)
> [[info:org#Include%20files][info:org#Include files]]

yes, that's what I am using: org's support for including files. And 
the file content /is/ properly included. It seems mainly a mechanism for
"export" which is the main purpose.

I realize that my original post was perhaps unprecise. What I was looking 
after is this ``awareness'' of those definitions (using the #+INCLUDE
mechanism) /not just/ for export. I was missing it 

              /from within emacs itself/, 

i.e., from within org-mode.

I am using org-mode to document some software. For that, having those
``links''pointing to pieces of code is great. When generating HTML or other
formats, that allows to jumpt to it etc, that seems to work fine.

However, one way of browsing the documentation is /in emacs itself/ (using
org-mode). Following links seems to be done by C-c C-o
(``org-open-at-point''). The mechanism seems to be aware of links of the form

[[fileurl:file]] where fileurl is defined using the #+LINK mechanism.

However, it only seems to work if one /literally/ adds a #LINK-definition to
the file, resp. /all/ files where one wants that  (and refreshes the local
org-setting, after changing). But, as far as the org-internal browsing is
concerned (without exporting), I cannot easily follow those ``symbolically
defined'' links if I collect them in one specific central file. 

Note, if I export the orignal org-file as org-file, the newly exported
orgfile has the links expanded and then visiting it with emacs allows to
follow the links, but it's nice to have some fast browings while working
on/reading the original files.


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