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Re: [O] Internal non-PROPERTY links don't export to HTML with the "a" ID

From: Nick Dokos
Subject: Re: [O] Internal non-PROPERTY links don't export to HTML with the "a" IDs that were assigned
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2016 13:11:28 -0400
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"D. C. Toedt" <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm using the latest update from the package updater, released 2016-03-28:  
> Org-mode version 8.3.2 (release_8.3.2-164-g50a182).  
> I can best illustrate the problem with an example:
> Org source:  
>     See also the [[IndemnNonAssign][Indemnity rights not
>     ​​
>     assignable]] provision. 
> ​Former exported HTML (correct):
>     See also the <a href="#IndemnNonAssign">Indemnity rig
>     ​​
>     hts not assignable</a> provision.
> ​​
> Current exported HTML (incorrect):
>     ​​
>     See also the <
>     ​​
>     a href="#orgtarget21">Indemnity rights not assignable</a> provision. 
> ​​
> ​​
> This causes problems, because "orgtarget21" won't necessarily be assigned to 
> the same point in the text, which in turn means that "jump cite" ​​links to 
> specific points internal to the
> document will break.​​
> ​​

Do you actually see breakage?  I get

<a href="#org1946c66">Indemnity rights not assignable</a>

coupled with

<a id="org1946c66"></a>

at the referent, which is correct I believe.

So what problems are you seeing (other than that the label looks funny)?

> ​​I scanned through the documentation but didn't see anything indicating
> ​that there's a setting to use assigned names instead of "orgtargetNN"

<mumble> CUSTOM_ID </mumble> - I'm muttering because I'm not
sure what problem you are having and whether CUSTOM_ID can
solve it.

LaTeX export can override these labels with org-latex-prefer-user-labels
(see its documentation for the rationale), but there is no similar
provision for HTML export.

The issue (actually not quite the same issue but it *is* related) last
came up about a month ago:


and Nicolas indicated that he would be willing to accept a patch
to do something similar with HTML export:


The underlying rationale in that thread was that one might want
predictable labels so that they could be used e.g. in CSS to style


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