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Re: [O] ob-clojure: possible to display results as soon as something is

From: Frederick Giasson
Subject: Re: [O] ob-clojure: possible to display results as soon as something is written to STDOUT?
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2016 10:52:48 -0400
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Hi John,

you should rename it org-babel-async-execute:clojure, and adapt it to
run clojure.


I wrote the function in the org-file that is that post, and executed the
code block (C-c C-c) which "registers" the function for that instance of

I am not sure I understand here. Once you execute the elisp block with that function, the function becomes defined for that instance. But when you execute your other block, the example python block using C-c C-c, how does org-mode knows to use "org-babel-async-execute:python" instead of "org-babel-execute:python"??

You put the cursor in the block, and then call it using M-x?

Later you could put it in an init file that is loaded when Emacs starts.

and use M-x to call it. Once I added an :async option to the header args
to make C-c C-c execute it, but until it works the way you want with M-x
that is just convenience ;)

Yes, this is that :async option that would be great and necessary once it works using M-x :)

How can this be done? (Is there an extension mechanism in org-mode for that, or it needs to hack the core code?)



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