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Re: [O] How to do proper folding and semantic markup

From: Eduardo Mercovich
Subject: Re: [O] How to do proper folding and semantic markup
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 21:11:32 -0300
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Aloha Tom. 

>> I'm using org-mode as a writer and it is simply fantastic. One of the
>> things I enjoy more is the folding. [...]
>> However, I don't know how to integrate that with some semantic markup
>> and the latex exporter at the same time (BTW, org+latex=awesomness!).
>> I'll use the abstract as example, but the same idea is valid for other
>> semantic markup like front, main and backmatter. [...]

> You might find Aaron Ecay's ox-extra.el in contrib useful.  It defines
> an :ignore: tag that instructs the exporter to ignore the headline it
> tags, but still export the text, etc. under the headline.
> ,----------------------------
> | * Abstract         :ignore:
> |                            
> | #+begin_abstract           
> | The abstract ...           
> | #+end_abstract             
> |                            
> | * Chapter 1                
> `----------------------------
> will give you an abstract before Chapter 1 and you'll still be able to
> fold it out of the way when you don't want to see it.

That's exactly what I've been searching for.

Thank you! :D


eduardo mercovich 

 Donde se cruzan tus talentos 
 con las necesidades del mundo, 
 ahí está tu vocación.

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