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[O] bug: cannot refile x to x, or go to x, where headers have the same n

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: [O] bug: cannot refile x to x, or go to x, where headers have the same name
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2016 21:09:55 -0700

i often refile a header to a target that has the same name as the
source.  they are different headers, but they have the same name.

my goal is to send x(1) to x(2) so that the olpath looks like
x(2)/x(1).  this to me is totally legitimate.  i often have headers
with the same name, for various reasons.

but org-refile removes the /source/ header name from the list of
/target/ candidates.  perhaps the intention was to prevent refiling
something to itself.  did that cause problems?

but i am not refiling something to itself.  they just have the same
name.  they are different headers.

furthermore, the same bug occurs with refile goto.

i can work around this by adding random text to the source header, or
moving point for goto, but i'd rather not have to.

can this interlock ve disabled or modified to allow different headers
with the same name?


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