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Re: [O] How to do proper folding and semantic markup

From: Eduardo Mercovich
Subject: Re: [O] How to do proper folding and semantic markup
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2016 18:18:24 -0300
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Hi Adam.

>> Also less known that it deserves, for focusing I do use narrowing a
>> lot: [...]

> Yeah, that's basically what tree-to-indirect does, it makes an indirect
> buffer and then narrows it.  So you can widen the indirect buffer and get
> another view of the whole buffer. [...]

Excuse me if this sounds almost philosophical, but in which situation an
indirect buffer may be better that just focusing on the same (original)
buffer? For example, when you are toying with potentially big
modifications and don't want to replace the original? Is it like opening
a parallel path to try things without worries?

I know it's far from the original question, but it seems interesting to
understand the possibilities. :)

eduardo mercovich 

 Donde se cruzan tus talentos 
 con las necesidades del mundo, 
 ahí está tu vocación.

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