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Re: [O] [OT] A new web browser‽

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: [O] [OT] A new web browser‽
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2016 21:17:34 +0800
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Eric S Fraga <address@hidden> writes:

> On Sunday, 10 Apr 2016 at 02:42, Eric Abrahamsen wrote:
>> Ahem... What I meant to say is that I haven't spent the time to figure
>> out a quick, intuitive way to say "open *this* link in eww... now open
>> *this* link in my external browser", etc. That was all.
> My typical use is that eww is the default for any link I run into in
> emacs.  If the page visited is not appropriate, I simply hit w
> (eww-copy-page-url), switch to Firefox and open the page ("o C-v RET" in
> vimperator...).

I installed the eww-lnum package right away, as that provides the main
functionality I liked from Conkeror: hit a key, and pick a link to do
something with. Rather strangely, the KeySnail plugin for Firefox seems
to do everything *but* this, which I thought was weird since, if you're
going to control your browser through the keyboard, following links is
generally the main thing you want to do. I've only had it for a few
hours, though, so maybe I'm missing something.

In eww, I was originally looking for "open in new tab"/"open in
background tab" functionality, but it's not there. Then I discovered
that eww-lnum is supposed to provide exactly that, through various
permutations of the prefix argument to `eww-lnum-follow'. You're
supposed to get "follow in new session" with a C-u prefix, and "follow
in background" with a negative prefix. But when I used either of those
options, the links were instead opened in my (newly-installed,
newly-KeySnailed) Firefox instance.

That was unexpected, but actually welcome -- it means I have a way of
choosing whether to open links in Emacs/Eww, or Firefox. It's clearly
not the way eww-lnum is meant to work (and I'd still like to be able to
open a link in a background eww session), but that can remain another
mystery for another day.


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