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[O] ANN: ox-jira -- JIRA Backend for Org Export Engine

From: Stig Brautaset
Subject: [O] ANN: ox-jira -- JIRA Backend for Org Export Engine
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2016 23:15:48 +0100
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I wrote a simplistic JIRA backend for Org Export so that I can draft
JIRA tickets & comments in Org mode and export to JIRA markup.

Credits: most of this was produce by means of cargo-cult programming,
using ox-latex and ox-ascii as inspiration.



It is available from melpa:

   M-x package-install RET ox-jira RET

What (sort of) works:

- Internal linebreaks in paragraphs are removed, so that JIRA reflows
  text properly
- Simple text transforms: =code=, *bold*, /emphasis/, _underline_,
  sub^{script}, super^{script}
- Simple lists, both ordered, unordered, and nested
- Checkboxes & statistics cookies
- Tables
- Source code & example blocks
- Fixed-width
- Footnotes

More details in the test cases:


A minor plea for help:

I noticed recently that list items with multiple paragraphs does not
work. e.g.

  - fi

  - fa
  - fum

Also, probably by extension, lists with a blank line between items does
not work, e.g.

  - fi

  - fo

  - fa

I first thought I could just hack it by wrapping list item in an
invisible panel, but that does not appear to work for nested lists. Any
ideas / advice for how to deal with this?

Additionaly, [fn:: inline footnotes] does not work. Patches welcome! (I
have no idea where to start.)


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