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Re: [O] Detect parent with SCHEDULED or DEADLINE

From: Adam Porter
Subject: Re: [O] Detect parent with SCHEDULED or DEADLINE
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2016 03:04:04 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi Christophe,

I'm still using Org 8.2.4 from Ubuntu Trusty (I'll upgrade Org one of these
days...), and I tested your code, and it seems to work properly.  For
example, testing on this tree:

* Test tree
** TODO Parent todo
DEADLINE: <2016-04-15 ven.>
:ParentProp:   ValPar


*** NEXT SubAction
:SubProp:   Val


With point anywhere in the "SubAction" entry, either on the heading line or
after it, when I eval ~(org-entry-get-with-inheritance "DEADLINE")~, I get
"2016-04-15 ven."

But in Org 8.3.4, it fails, just as you said.  I think I see why:

In Org 8.2.4, =org-entry-get-with-inheritance= has this code:

#+BEGIN_SRC elisp
(if (member property org-special-properties)
          ;; We need a special property.  Use `org-entry-properties'
          ;; to retrieve it, but specify the wanted property
          (cdr (assoc property (org-entry-properties nil 'special property)))

That finds properties like =DEADLINE= that are not inside property drawers.

But in Org 8.3.4, =org-entry-get-with-inheritance= calls
=org-property--local-values=, which calls =org-get-property-block=, which
returns =nil=, and it doesn't check =org-special-properties= at all, so it
seems to only search inside =:PROPERTIES:= drawers.

I think it was caused by commit 188bae9 "Fix property inheritance with
extended values" from 3 Jul 2015.

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