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Re: [O] Several %(expression) in org-agenda-prefix-format

From: Christophe Schockaert
Subject: Re: [O] Several %(expression) in org-agenda-prefix-format
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2016 00:37:19 +0200

address@hidden writes:

> Hi list,
> I'm trying to setup some custom agenda views that would be useful for my 
> work but i'm unable to define a custom org-agenda-prefix-format with 
> several %expression successfully.
> I've come up with the following (mal-functionning) 
> org-agenda-prefix-format:
> %(org-get-entry (point) "Case" t) %(org-entry-get (point) "CaseNum" t) 
> %(org-entry-get (point) "FiscalYear" t)

Hi Laurent,

I encountered the same limitation when I tried something alike.

I finally solved it using 'concat' in one unique %expression :

  "%((concat (or (org-entry-get (point) \"Case\" t) \"\") \" \"
             (or (org-entry-get (point) \"CaseNum\" t) \"\") \" \"
             (or (org-entry-get (point) \"FiscalYear\" t) \"\") \" \"))")

For better readability in the agenda, or more complex expressions, I
thought I could write an entire function for handling them, but I never

> I would really appreciate that someone points me into the right 
> direction.
> Thanks,
> Laurent
Well, I hope you'll be able to get something from this direction :-)


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