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[O] how to suppress extra newline between paragraphs in export?

From: Stig Brautaset
Subject: [O] how to suppress extra newline between paragraphs in export?
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2016 17:30:57 +0100
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I've got a question I hope you might be able to answer. I'm trying to
add multi-paragraph item support to plain lists to my ox-jira.el
package. c.f. https://github.com/stig/ox-jira.el/issues/17

The issue I have is that I want to replace the blank line between
paragraphs in list items (which in JIRA ends the list and starts a new
paragraph) with the string =\\=. However, even when instrumenting
paragraph to check if its parent is an item (I'm being simplistic here)
there's a blank line I can't get at.

You can see it in an org document as simple as this, actually:



Then do =M-x pp-eval-expression RET (org-element-parse-buffer) RET=

The output is:

(org-data nil
           (:begin 1 :end 7 :contents-begin 1 :contents-end 7 :post-blank 0 
:post-affiliated 1 :parent #0)
            (:begin 1 :end 5 :contents-begin 1 :contents-end 4 :post-blank 1 
:post-affiliated 1 :parent #1)
            #("fi\n" 0 3
              (:parent #2)))
            (:begin 5 :end 7 :contents-begin 5 :contents-end 7 :post-blank 0 
:post-affiliated 5 :parent #1)
            #("fo" 0 2
              (:parent #2)))))

However, if you actually generate the output (for ascii, for example) you get:



So there's an extra newline before =fo= that no transpose functions are
responsible for, as far as I can see. Is it possible to get at this

Alternatively, do anyone have suggestions for how to support
multi-paragraph list items?


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