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Re: [O] Show presence of zero width spaces using overlay

From: timor
Subject: Re: [O] Show presence of zero width spaces using overlay
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2016 13:38:28 +0200

Hello Nicolas,

2016-04-19 12:16 GMT+02:00 Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden>:
> Actually, this is not really a specification of the problem, which is
> quite tricky. The list of characters is but one part of it. Another part
> is where escaping should be allowed. Note that allowing to escape
> everywhere would be terrible, if only performance-wise. The last part is
> about handling it at the parser level (there's also the fontification,
> which doesn't use the parser ATM).

Good points.  I don't understand enough org mode internals to judge
how much effort is needed on which level for things like this.

Maybe it is viable to start defining and implementing some obvious
cases, which can later be generalized into a rule, so that code has
not to be rewritten on every level at once.

In light of this, I can think of defining the case that bugged me the
most like this:

In plain-text parts of org documents (i.e. that would be exported as
the content of <p> attributes in html, or to plain text paragraphs in
Markdown, etc.), there shall be a way to treat strings in the same way
as the surrounding plain text, which would otherwise be handled by
org-mode in a special way.

Does that help?


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