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Re: [O] Invalid-read-syntax

From: Colin Baxter
Subject: Re: [O] Invalid-read-syntax
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 18:46:38 +0100
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On Wed, Apr 20 2016, Nick Dokos wrote:

> Colin Baxter <address@hidden> writes:
>> The file /lisp/ox-html.el of org-mode release_8.3.4-743-g516bbf has
>> binary content at line 1952, whereas the same file of org-mode
>> release_8.3.4-721-g16ad80 has not. Perhaps this is significant.
> Perhaps I'm missing something but I don't see anything like that.I also
> don't see any changes to ox-html.el between 16ad80 and 516bbf. I
> checked out 516bbf and lines 1950+ of ox_html.el look like this:
>        (when title
>        (format
>         (if html5-fancy
>             "<header>\n<h1 class=\"title\">%s</h1>\n%s</header>"
>           "<h1 class=\"title\">%s%s</h1>\n")
>         (org-export-data title info)
> Maybe your local copy is corrupted somehow? What happens if you
>  git checkout -- .../lisp/ox-html.el
> ?
> --
> Nick

git checkout /path/to/ox-html.el worked and removed the binary stuff. I
guess it must have been corrupted during the git pull. Thank you.

Best wishes,


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