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[O] closed != done

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: [O] closed != done
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2016 16:54:52 -0700

i've noticed that the agenda /time grid/ considers a task closed if it
has a closed ts.  this indicates that closed status is determined by
the closed tag.  it colors the line green, just like doneish keywords

but i've also noticed that a closed non-doneish kw that is also
scheduled will show up as still scheduled in the /non-time-grid/ part
of the agenda.  i'd prefer it check the fact that it is closed and
consider it closed here, and no longer scheduled, just as is done in
the time grid part of the agenda.

i.e. if somethign is closed and scheduled, then it is no longer
scheduled, no matter what.  that's what i think should be the case.

certainly, closed tasks without doneish keywords might be considered
impossible and wrong https://xkcd.com/386/ to the uninitiated.  or
even to the initiated.

but having 2 ways to determine closedness/doneishness in the two parts
of the agenda seems perhaps slightly redundant in this case?  my use
case for drawing a distinction between closed and doneish is that i
want to have a task that is closed for agenda purposes, but never gets
archived, and i want to indicate this with a special todo kw, which is
not doneish, where it is immediately apparent to me, not a tag.  it
feels wrong to use a doneish todo kw for this purpose.  it's not done.
it will stick around.  but it is closed.  it will not appear in the
agenda as scheduled.

done means goes away.  gets sorted to the bottom.  does not get
archived.  done.  gone.  disposed of.  it also means i don't have to
pay much attention to it normally.

closed scheduled means does not appear in the agenda as scheduled.  it
means i might want to refer to it, but it is no longer scheduled.

therefore closed and doneish are subtly different things, even though
most of the time they are consilient.

same with deadline.

my proposed solution is to make the non-grid part of the agenda
recognize closed scheduled as not scheduled, just as it does in the
grid part of the agenda.

i am limited in computer use, so i might not be able to explain in
sufficient detail should there be questions or controversy.  or if
this all sounds alien to you.  or if i got something wrong.  but i
will try if you'll give me the grace of a close reading of the issue.

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