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Re: [O] Bug: C-u C-u C-c C-o opens pdf links in docview, belying the do

From: Jorge Peixoto de Morais Neto
Subject: Re: [O] Bug: C-u C-u C-c C-o opens pdf links in docview, belying the docstring [8.3.4 (8.3.4-39-ge0acd8-elpaplus @ /home/jorge/.emacs.d/elpa/org-plus-contrib-20160418/)]
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 23:35:58 -0300

On Sat, 2016-04-23 at 17:21 -0400, Kyle Meyer wrote:
> I don't know how Ubunutu assigns default applications, but org-open-file
> looks at mailcap assignments by default on GNU/Linux systems (see
> org-file-apps-defaults-gnu).  You can also specify an
> extension-application mapping using the org-file-apps variable.
There seems to be a Freedesktop standard related to this.  There is even a
Freedesktop cli command (xdg-open) to open a URL (remote or local) in the
user's preferred application.  I really believe Emacs should integrate with
this standard by default.  For now I have manually customized org-file-apps
(and I will need to manually customize it again if I change my preferred PDF
viewer[1]), but Emacs would be more user-friendly if it integrated with the
Freedesktop standard.

One significant roadblock for greater Emacs adoption is that countless
problems that other programs solve automagically, must be manually configured
in Emacs, and they add up.

I hope I don't sound ungrateful.


* Notes
[1]: Of course I tried to specify xdg-open as the PDF viewer (so Emacs would
automatically open the PDF in whatever viewer I have currently configured
through Ubuntu GUI), but it didn't work (C-c C-o would do nothing), so I fell
back to manually specifying Okular.

- I am Brazilian.  I hope my English is correct and I welcome corrections.
- Please adopt free formats like PDF, ODF, LaTeX, Vorbis, Opus, WebM and 7z.
- Free software for Android: https://f-droid.org/

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