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Re: [O] State of things: Email with orgmode?

From: Jeremie Juste
Subject: Re: [O] State of things: Email with orgmode?
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016 21:41:32 +0200
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>> Jeremie Juste writes:
>> Do you think Is it possible to invert the colors of the latex images? I use 
>> a black
>> background and it's impossible to see the latex images.

> John Kitchin <address@hidden> writes:

> See the variable org-format-latex-options . you might be able to change
> it. Maybe something like (untested)
> (plist-put org-format-latex-options :html-background "white")

It works fine. Thanks for the lead.

It you can tweak all the org-format-latex-options as well.

(plist-put org-format-latex-options :html-scale 1.5)
(plist-put org-format-latex-options :html-background "black")
(plist-put org-format-latex-options :html-foreground "white")

Best regards,
Jeremie Juste

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