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Re: [O] tables, comment in one line, export to html

From: Michael Brand
Subject: Re: [O] tables, comment in one line, export to html
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 12:18:21 +0200

Hi Nicolas

I agree, together all the below makes sense. Some comments added.

Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> wrote:

> You are talking about section "3.5 The spreadsheet". I don't think this
> feature is directly related to spreadsheet capabilities.
> Actually, / in first column is described earlier in the manual, in "3.3
> Column groups". Besides, there is a similar feature described in "3.2
> Column width and alignment", about lines containing only alignment
> cookies:
>      Lines which only contain these formatting cookies will be removed
>   automatically when exporting the document.

<#> will have to be considered for removal of the line too.

> IMO, a better change would be to merge 3.2 and 3.3 as "Column
> operations" or some such, and add "<#>" as a way to ignore columns upon
> exporting. This way, everything related to columns is packed in the same
> subsection, and every column markup uses < or >. Moreover, there is no
> possible confusion with # markup from spreadsheet.

> Another advantage about this is that there is no need for "/" in the
> first column, much like alignments cookies.

<#> will have to be fontified like <5> as org-formula (name and
description of the face are not precise) wich is the easiest part of
the change. Shouldn't < and > in a table be fontified too?

> It makes it simpler to ignore the first column.


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