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[O] Restore org-agenda-undo in the presence of evil and undo-tree

From: Christoph LANGE
Subject: [O] Restore org-agenda-undo in the presence of evil and undo-tree
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 18:24:05 +0200
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Hi all,

I am using evil and undo-tree and therefore have (global-undo-tree-mode 1).

In agenda views, I would like to be able to use org-agenda-undo, but the
usual keyboard shortcuts for org-agenda-undo are occupied by undo-tree-undo.

So I wondered how to disable undo-tree-mode in agenda views and came up
with the following:

  (add-hook 'org-agenda-finalize-hook #'(lambda () (undo-tree-mode -1)))

Nevertheless, undo is not working properly as long as the underlying Org
buffer, which I am editing remotely from the agenda buffer, is in
evil-mode.  If I switch it to Emacs input, undo works.

Can anyone confirm this behaviour?

Cheers, and thanks in advance,


Dr. Christoph Lange, Enterprise Information Systems Department
Applied Computer Science @ University of Bonn; Fraunhofer IAIS
http://langec.wordpress.com/about, Skype duke4701

→ CSCUBS Computer Science Conference for University of Bonn Students
  25 May 2016; submission deadline 28 April – http://cscubs.cs.uni-bonn.de

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