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[O] TaskJuggler exporting TODO tasks as complete?

From: Erik Wickstrom
Subject: [O] TaskJuggler exporting TODO tasks as complete?
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 12:21:09 -0700


I've noticed that if I export a project with a list of TODOs, the
taskjuggler gantt chart shows all of the tasks' taskbars as "complete"
(ie a filled status bar.) unless I manually add a ":Complete: 0"
property to each TODO item.

This happens because if the TODO isn't  in a DONE state, and there
isn't a :complete: property, then the "complete" attribute won't be
set in the .tjp file att all.

There should probably be a customizable variable with a default value
for this situation (ie the user can set it to 0, or 100 depending on
their display preference).  Basically, I want to set my tasks to
"complete 0" if it isn't overridden by the TODO state or property.

Additionally, any TODO in a state other than DONE should have the .tjp
complete property set to something other than 100.  In fact, it would
be really cool for those who customize their TODO states
(TODO|INPROGRESS|WAITING|DONE...) if the user could map them to
completion percentages in the org file.



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