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Re: [O] pandoc-style citations

From: Alex Fenton
Subject: Re: [O] pandoc-style citations
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 21:45:46 +0200
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Hi Richard

On 27/04/16 16:09, Richard Lawrence wrote:
As far as Elisp implementations go, I know of no specific parser for
Pandoc citation syntax.  But there is support for a Pandoc-like syntax
(discussed in the threads you read) in the wip-cite branch of Org's


Thanks for your reply, and for all your work on specifying and developing this. It looks like that for now I can adapt some of the parsing in org-element.el (org-element-citation-reference-parser and org-element-citation-parser etc) to get something that works for now in standard mainline org.

Export is where efforts stalled last year.

That's understandable, given that, as you say, it's a complex problem given the range of citation styles and output formats. It's still a shame given the work that you (pl.) have put into integrating citations into the org parser & element tree so they are first class objects.

I don't know whether it's conceivable that the data structures and parsing could be integrated into org, with the (presumably) relatively easy latex output, which I suspect is the commonest use case, and then with some kind of "adequate" output for other targets (html, text, odt) - perhaps an output that would require further post-processing by a third-party tool such as citeproc or pandoc.

Latex-outputters would be better off and other targets no worse off than present, and it might act as a spur to solve the other target formats one by one way. But I can see that this has been to some extent considered and can also see the arguments against.

You may also want to look at John Kitchin's org-ref, which I believe
works similar to your homebrew link solution, but has a lot of features
and may provide a better interface for what you're trying to do:

Org-ref does a lot of nice things, but on this particular point is not very helpful, and has nothing to add for the case of multiple cites with overall and individual pre/posts. The package states that this is low priority b/c this style of citation is rare in scientific publishing (by which I guess is meant natural sciences; footnotes with multiple citations and linking text are of common in humanities and some social sciences).

thanks again and best wishes

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